Hudson Kitchen Host Table Talk Live

Hudson Kitchen Host Table Talk Live

Hudson Kitchen Table Talk Live founder and panelist.
Hudson Kitchen Table Talk Live founder and panelist.

Hudson Kitchen hosted Table Talk Live this past Thursday, a social networking event catered to connecting culinary entrepreneurs at Equal Space in Newark NJ. CEO and Founder of Hudson Kitchen, Djellaba Johnson-Jones teamed up with four successful culinary specialists to educate the community on how to run lucrative businesses.

Four panelist Michael Vann, Vonda McPherson, Niko Fuentes, and Alina Zolotareva.

Amongst the four panelists were Niko Fuentes, Vonda McPherson, Michael Vann, and Alina Zolotareva, each panelist provided expertise in different areas of running and operating a business. Fuentes is the fairly new business owner of Cotidiano Cafe, which opened in 2015 located downtown Newark. Fuentes coffee shop specializes in freshly roasted coffee and organic food locally sourced from farms in New Jersey, New York, Long Island, and Pennsylvania.

Sweet spirited Vonda McPherson was full of energy and good advice for the audience. She has been in business for over 20 years and is the founder of Newark’s popular soul food restaurant Vonda’s Kitchen located in the heart of the Newark.

McPherson, who comes from a background of family entrepreneurs said, “my business isn’t all about money…it’s all about relationships.” Mrs. McPherson says, “you need to learn from your customers” because that is what it takes to keep satisfied customers satisfied and coming back.

Retail food veteran, creator, and Co-founder of New York’s famous restaurant Shark Bar Michael Vaan was also full of encouragement. Vann has an extensive background in retail food services, he has founded a number of food management companies one being UrbanAcres. UrbanAcres is the developer behind Teacher’s Village Newark’s newest retail and restaurant space for urban development.

Chef Nikko

“Urban Acres is about building brands that build communities,” said Vann. In addition to Teacher’s Village, Michael Vann is in the process of opening a new restaurant which will be located in Penn Plaza and is scheduled to open within the next few weeks. Nutrition specialist Alina Zolotareva from AeroFarms brought a different perspective in culinary.

“Be ready to learn and fall constantly when you are an entrepreneur,” said Zolotareva. AeroFarms the world’s largest non-traditional agriculture farm located in Newark, they provide locally grown produce to nearby food markets and teach children how to plant and grow produce.

In the Company of Yum

Talking wasn’t the only thing happening at Equal Space, the guest also had the opportunity to taste delectable treats good enough to make any foodie happy. Six chefs presented their artistic skills as well as their expertise on food and taste. Chef Nikko passed out quality food along with knowledge on the type of food that helps restore cells and rejuvenate the body. The other chefs brought savory treats to make any sweet tooth happy. Stack Happy Sweets, In the Company of Yum, Judith Dessert, How DelishHD were all present with handcrafted pastries, cakes, and vegan cheesecake options. Hudson Kitchen composed a night to remember with intensive knowledge, great people, good conversations.