The Reality of Being Purpose Driven

The Reality of Being Purpose Driven


The journey leading to the discovery of your purpose in life is filled with many emotions such as excitement, anxiousness, hope, and sometimes even fear. You have no idea of what you are fully capable of doing yet you are still determined to dream, plan and implement. You become so motivated to share with the world your business idea, clothing line, blog site, non-profit organization, you journey towards your Doctoral degree and so much more. Finally, there is that moment that you share your purpose with the world and you begin to receive praises from family members, friends and strangers. You become even more encouraged and determined like never before. However, there is another side of being purpose driven that many people do not talk about.

Being purpose driven is almost always painted as a beautiful picture that depicts an individual who sets out amazing goals and always accomplishes them. The reality is that being purpose driven is NOT a walk in the park. In fact, things may not always go as planned and that can alter many of your goals and sometimes vision.

Too often, people stop doing what they love to do not because they want to but because they were not prepared with the reality of what it is like to truly walk in your purpose. 

I am confident that these 3 points will prevent you from quitting and serve as a reminder for you to continue dreaming, planning and implementing.

1.) You will have moments when you do not want feel like working towards your vision.  

If you believe that you will wake up every morning filled with energy to work on that business idea or that book that you have been so eager to write, think again. The truth of the matter is that every day will not be a, “ I am ready to take on the world” kind of day. There will be moments when you are high off of energy but there will also be moments when you feel lazy and unmotivated. Strangely enough, this is nothing to worry about because it is normal! 

Being passionate about something does not mean that your emotions will be fixated in only one gear. You will have moments of doubt, ambition, fear, hope and so much more. Although, it is natural to go through various seasons of emotions, it is imperative to not allow your emotions of doubt or fear to indefinitely stop you from working towards your vision.

That is why it is essential to feed yourself with positive words, music and people. Those necessities are in place as a “pick me up” in the moments you need it the most. 

2.) You may be roasted in the spotlight

I do believe that where there is praise, there will be critics nearby. Everyone will not agree with you but that does not make your vision less meaningful or powerful! 

When you decided to bring your vision to life, you volunteered yourself to be judged by the world. I know this may be difficult to fathom but it does not diminish the actuality that criticism of your work may occur.

Personally, I have received messages and distasteful labels from people who have strongly disagreed with my views. I must admit that at first, I took it pretty hard and it led to moments that I doubted my vision and wanted to throw in the towels. But I was reminded that my vision is MY vision and that people will always find something wrong in anything. I realized then that the expectation for everyone to be on the same page with my views is unrealistic.

Understanding this is essential because it allows you to take ownership in your passion in an unapologetic manner so that you cannot be deterred by the opinions of others.

Here is a positive way to look at things, people critique what they see. So think of the negative words towards your business launch idea, that blog post, your DIY project or that workout routine that you are encouraging others to try; as confirmation that your work is obtaining exposure. 

3.) There will be successes as well as failures. 

Aaliyah said it the best, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”. So you must literally get up and try again!

Failing at something is inevitable even if you are an expertise in that particular area because no one is perfect. It is during the times when mistakes are made is when growth truly takes places. You become an expert at something by first trying, learning, applying AND re-applying. This is a cycle that can and will only make your work more credible, relatable, successful, financially stable and so much more.

So expect errors to occur throughout your journey but never allow it to lead to the extermination of your vision.

I hope this is a reminder that if you are currently in a season of feeling doubtful or unmotivated, you are NOT alone. This is all a part of the journey and I promise you that by knowing that these things can occur, you will become encouraged to hold on to that brilliant vision of yours a little longer.

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My name is Joy Osahon and I am a 30 year old Nigerian-American Lifestyle blogger. I attended Southern Connecticut State University where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health (Health Promotion) and Master of Arts Degree in Women's Studies. I currently reside in Newark, New Jersey while working full time at a high school in Manhattan, New York as a Career Advisor. I have always been passionate about relationships, love and empowering others to be their best self since I was in high school. I enjoy writing about an assortment of real life topics that creates a platform for readers to be encouraged while relating to one another in a transparent environment.