From Theater to Beauty: Founder Shares Her Story On How She Began...

From Theater to Beauty: Founder Shares Her Story On How She Began Her Own Natural Beauty Company


Former Broadway Stage Manager, Stephanie Cathey turned Natural Beauty Entrepreneur, is redefining femininity with her natural product line, a new movement introducing eco-friendly feminine products, handmade natural body creams, lip balms and natural necessities for when you’re’ feeling naughty with her product line by Nature and Passion.

The Nature and Passion Company is a natural beauty line designed specifically to help motivate and inspire more women to embrace the natural, while enhancing the passion. The new beauty line is the online staple for all things organic, where you can shop reusable cotton panty liners, eco-friendly menstrual cups and more. The beauty founder says being a natural woman, includes all things natural and eating healthy has always been top priority.

“I believe women should be natural but also passionate,” says Cathey. “I also want more black women to know about these economical and eco-friendly products,” Cathey expressed.

One might ask, how did this Houston Texas native go from stage management to creating her own beauty company? Having a deep rooted background in theatre production, Cathey began creating a captivating and zestful atmosphere and continued to utilize the knowledge and experience she learned from hosting Mary Kay and Passion Parties and incorporating lifelong hobbies, such as sewing, making organic candles and shea butter creams for your hair and body. This idea instantly sparked an urgency for Cathey to stop working towards someone else dream and stay true to herself by focusing on her very own vision and passion. Cathey credits her husband for the eager assistance in coming up with the company name, “Nature and Passion”. Cathey knew the time was now to begin her natural beauty care business. “I want women to know natural products are available,” said Cathey.

The Nature and Passion Company’s goal and mission is to help natural panty liners and other natural feminine products become more mainstream and educate and inform women on the awareness of the non-toxic alternatives for feminine hygiene.

“In a 10 year span, women will spend nearly $425 and create 55 pounds worth of trash with purchasing disposable feminine products,” said Cathey. “My products are 100% natural feminine products. No chemicals are used and therefore, no contributing to trash on the environment,” Cathey declared.

Launching her beauty business in February 2017, in just six months Cathey, the natural beauty guru, has already began hosting her own EPIC Girl’s Night In events in the Tri State Area under The Nature and Passion Company brand which consists of a three hour experience of a Ladies Night full of fun, excitement, facials, cocktails, and access granted to shop The Nature and Passion’s exclusive pleasure toy line, which includes natural romance enhancers and a variety of natural passion products.


“We like to say, we’re also taking you from the bathroom to the bedroom,” Cathey says is one of the company’s philosophy.

Join the wave ladies! Be educated, embrace your passion and be uniquely you, be natural.

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